Sunday, September 26, 2021

Spring Art


Technology / 3d Cardboard Art

This past week the Turama students have been making catapults out of cardboard. It's been a lengthy process but worth it in the end. The children have had to follow set instructions, do lots of cutting out and work collaboratively with their partner. The next step is to test the catapults to see how effective they are.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Peer Mediation Training

Today some of our Year 6 students took part in Peer Mediator training. The facilitator was very impressed with them all.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Friday, August 27, 2021

Online Lessons

Some of our awesome students have been stepping up once again in Turama by offering lessons via Teams Video Chat during lockdown. Luna has been leading drawing, Saf has been leading flexibility and Lini has led dance. This has been a great way for students to connect with each other and share their strengths.

Here are pics from today's drawing class and flexibility class.

Writing by Saffie

 Playmate character description 


The cutest playmate in townOnly trying to play with his owner but he refused. But spilling ink didn’t help. 

Playmate was clumsy, funny, cute and a little bit needy. Being clumsy didn’t help him reunite with his owner because he had spilt ink on his owner’s science paper and falling over his chess board while he was playing chess wasn’t useful. 

Aside from being clumsy, Playmate is cute and small. He is grey and I’m pretty sure he is a robot. 


                          The end

Playmate Video

Writing by Linnea

Taking Flight 

Pobble Storystarter:

It was a calm morning. There was a slight ripple on the surface of the blue water, caused by a whispering westerly wind that whipped across the bay. 

A hungry heron hopped happily along a floating log, waiting for its moment to strike. Any second now, it would sink its sharp, saber-like beak into the salty water, hoping to pluck an unsuspecting victim from beneath the surface… 


Splash! Plucking out the panicking cod, the heron started to the sky, only to come plummeting down to the ground again, surprised by the unexpected weight of the fish. Irritated the heron tried jerking up its head to call the rest of its flock for help, only to once more have its head dragged down. Furious, the heron tried to drop the cod, but annoyingly, the fish was stuck to its long beak. 

Losing its temper, the heron struck its head on the log it was perched on. SNAPAs the irritating fish came off its beak, the heron tried rising to the sky, only to be dismayed by the fact that its wings were soaking. Clambering onto the soggy bank of the river, the heron let itself collapse onto the sand, uncomfortable at the fact that its wings felt greasy from the sand stuck in its feathers

Looking up to the sky, the heron felt a pang of loneliness as it realised that the rest of the flock had flown out without it. 

As the heron's hope started to vanish, a squawk came from the sky. Looking up, the heron felt happiness light up inside it. Another heron had been left behind! Excited, the heron lifted to the sky, its tiredness forgotten. The other heron squawked with delight, and the two birds flew off together. 

Friday, July 9, 2021

Fitness Circuits

Our Turama students made fitness circuit cards which we have been using for fitness this week. They worked perfectly and had us all doing many star jumps, burpees, push ups, leaps and shuttle runs. A great way to keep active on these cold mornings.

Spring Art